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Rislone Transmission Stop-Slip Products


If you’ve never felt a slipping transmission, count yourself lucky. Those who have know how unnerving and worrisome it is. When your automatic transmission starts slipping, you can both hear it and feel it and notice a deterioration in performance and responsiveness. When your transmission starts to slip, you don’t have much time to take care of it before permanent damage is done.


Thankfully, we carry an industry-proven, bestselling transmission stop slip product that is easy to use and gives you an instant improvement. Whether you’re in your garage getting ready to go to work or getting ready for vacation, having a transmission slipping quick fix in a simple ready-to-pour formula brings you a lot of peace of mind.


A slipping transmission can have several different causes:

  • Missing fluid: If your transmission or lines have a leak, your transmission fluid level can get low. When you don’t enough fluid in your transmission, your transmission gears can suffer wear and slipping quickly.
  • Overheating: In older vehicles, or vehicles that are overloaded (with passengers, luggage or trailer load), excess transmission heat is created. If this happens often or for an extended time, that heat can cause damage.
  • Fluid quality: Over time, transmission fluid (like all automotive fluids) can break down. At a certain point, it no longer provides the necessary lubrication to avoid gear and clutch wear and slipping.


The first step if you have a slipping transmission is to verify your fluid level. Inspect for leaks around the transmission seal and the various lines. Pay close attention to how your vehicle drives, and avoid driving it once you detect the transmission slipping. You risk doing permanent damage if you drive for long with transmission problems.


To get you back on the road quickly, here at Rislone, we have spent nearly 100 years formulating our scientifically advanced automotive products. Our transmission stop-slip technology is designed to reduce slipping significantly with the first use. Our formula gets you back on the road and often helps you avoid costly transmission rebuilds or replacements.


Use our handy store locator to find the Rislone retailer nearest you. Having a bottle of Rislone’s transmission stop-slip on hand means you’re ready the moment you detect the slightest hint of transmission slipping in your vehicle, and can start addressing the issue right away.