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Compression Repair with Ring Seal

What it's for:
  • engine
What it does:
  • Stops Noise
  • Repairs
  • Increases Compression
  • Renews Worn Engines
  • Rebuilds Compression
  • Restores Lost Power
  • Repairs Engine Blow-by
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Get Your Engine’s Groove Back: Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Sealer

Just like our bodies as we age, engine components can wear down over time, causing low compression and decreased power. That’s why we created the Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal. This product renews worn engines, rebuilds compression, restores lost power and repairs engine blow-by. It’s like a boost to your car’s immune system. It’s liquid technology in a bottle.

The Rislone Compression Repair with Ring Seal works by freeing sticky rings and filling gaps and scratches in cylinder walls, eliminating blow-by and compression loss while also reducing friction and wear. Not to mention, it does not contain any harmful lead or other metals that could damage the inside of your engine or be burned and contaminate emissions components and the environment.

Reduce Engine Wear with Rislone

An automotive engine is complex. Hundreds of parts come together to make it run. It’s the movement of your pistons that creates the power necessary to move your car, and this movement relies on metallic rings around your pistons to keep the fuel mixture separate from the oil. The high speeds, temperatures and pressures in your engine mean that your piston rings are under high stress.

Over time, your piston rings start to wear down, as do your pistons and cylinders (engine block) themselves. If the gap between these components gets too large, you can have several problems:

  • Increased oil consumption: A small amount of oil is needed to lubricate your pistons, but with wear, more and more oil can get past your piston rings and into the combustion chamber. This oil gets burnt off, reducing the amount of oil available for lubrication.
  • Loss of power: The ignition of fuel and air occurs when your pistons compress the mix in the combustion chamber. If your piston rings are too worn and no longer provide an adequate seal, your pistons can’t create the required compression for correct combustion. This is what we refer to as compression loss.
  • Damaging wear: The movement of your pistons and rings always creates wear, but this is exaggerated when your rings start to get too worn. This allows greater movement (rocking) of your pistons, which in turn creates more wear. Once this starts, permanent engine damage can occur quickly.

What do you need to take away from this? The compression seal provided by your piston rings against your cylinders and pistons needs to be strong. Replacing your rings is a major job, and involves a complete engine teardown. To avoid this costly and time-consuming job, we’ve created our Rislone Ring Sealer and Compression Engine Repair product.

Chemically formulated to recreate a piston ring seal, our ring sealer products couldn’t be easier to use. Most customers notice a difference after the first application. You’ll see less smoke, higher compression, better fuel economy and more power that adds up to real savings over time.

In just a few clicks, you can

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near you. If you suspect you have piston ring sealing problems, there’s no need to worry. Here at Rislone, we have the proven and affordable solution to get your vehicle performing at full power and optimal economy again in no time!

All you have to do is follow our easy installation process and you should begin to see results almost immediately. Remember: your car is what it eats. Make it Rislone.

Part Number: 4447
Dosage: One bottle treats 4 to 6 quarts of oil.
Size: 16.9 Fl Oz. (500 mL)

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  • “I have an old 1979 Trans Am that I know has compression issues because a mechanic told me. He suggested I try this product before spending $$ on a hard fix. IT WORKED! Compression is up, oil burning is down and my 400ci V8 runs alot smoother. Love this stuff.”

    Stuart D. - Charleston, SC

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