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Fuel Injector Cleaner – 32 Oz.

What it's for:
  • Fuel
What it does:
  • Lubricates
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Performance
  • Stops Noise
  • Cleans
  • Maximizes Power and Mileage
  • Contains Upper Cylinder Lubricant
  • Cleans Fuel Injectors
  • Use on Gasoline and Diesel Engines
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Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner (32 oz. Economy Bottle)

Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner — the best all-around fuel additive to use with every tank of fuel. From the outset, we engineered it to be far better than your average fuel additive. And we succeeded.

This complete fuel injector tune-up helps eliminate noisy injectors and fuel pumps, rough idle, hard starting and hesitation. Its high-performance additives increase power, performance, mileage and help save gas. You can use this product with all gasoline, ULSD diesel and E85 Flex-Fuel engines, as well as all unleaded, oxygenated, reformulated and biofuels.

Discover the Best Fuel Injector Cleaner

Clean fuel injectors are critical for the smooth and efficient operation of your vehicle. In day-to-day use, we don’t think much about our injectors, but they’re high-precision components that occasionally need a little attention, even with modern gasolines. Due to varying fuel quality and cleanliness, injectors can get dirty or partially obstructed. And because of the extremely small openings and high operating pressures of modern fuel injectors, even a small amount of dirt or contamination can cause problems.

If you’ve ever seen a quote for injector service, you know just how expensive it is. Injector service for gasoline or diesel engines requires training and specialized tools, which in turn means big bills. Before you take this step, give our Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner a try. In most cases, one application is all it takes to clean your injectors and get your engine running like clockwork again.

What makes our fuel injector cleaner the best? We’ve created a formulation that combines powerful cleaning agents with a conditioning component that restores the power and efficiency of your engine quickly and for the long term:

  • Cleaning: With continued use, this specialized formula reduces carbon build-up which causes pre-ignition, power loss, burned valves and broken rings. It also cleans injectors to reduce loss of fuel economy, hesitation, pinging (spark knock), and helps restore performance.
  • Conditioning: The second step is conditioning your injectors and fuel for optimal flow and cleanliness. You’ll have more power under acceleration, a more stable idle and improved fuel efficiency. This is because your fuel pump doesn’t have to work as hard to deliver the fuel and it can meter out the exact amount of fuel called for by your engine’s computer. This is why we’ve added an upper cylinder lubricant (UCL) to this formula to help with ongoing conditioning.

Even if you don’t detect a problem with your fuel injectors, it’s worth giving them a cleaning as part of general maintenance. Remove the beginnings of trapped dirt and contamination before it has a chance to accumulate and cause a problem. It only takes a minute to

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We’ve become a leading automotive chemical supplier and are thrilled to have you discover the performance, effectiveness and value of our fuel injector cleaner and conditioner. Simply pick up a bottle, follow our easy installation process and give your car the boost it needs. You’ll be impressed by the results. Remember: your car is what it eats. Make it Rislone.

Part Number: 4732
Dosage: One bottle treats 100 gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel.
Size: 32 fl oz. (472 mL)

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  • “Flat out the best fuel injector cleaner I've ever tried. Use in my '11 F150 and older '87 Mustang 5.0 fox body. I wasn't familiar with Rislone until it was recommended to me, and it's awesome. Thanks for a great product that works as advertised.”

    Adam C. - Madison, WI

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