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ZDDP Supplement

ZDDP Supplement

Did you know that modern oils lack the protection older engines require? If you have an older or classic car (especially an older hot rod), be sure to keep a bottle of our Rislone 3X Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment in your garage. This product is a great performance booster that helps protect older internal engine components and is the only product with ZDDP supplement, the best form of zinc and phosphorus protection available anywhere in the automotive world.

We created this high-performance formula with a ZDDP supplement to help better protect internal engine components including pistons, flat tappet camshafts, lifters and the valvetrain. This is especially important at engine start up, when most wear is done. ZDDP (zinc dialkyldithiophosphate) is a combination of zinc and phosphorus. When put under pressure, like between a flat tappet camshaft and a lifter, it attaches to the metal surface and becomes a sacrificial wear material. Beyond being an anti-wear additive, it also is a corrosion inhibitor.

Why is our product better than others in the market? Some additives are designed for break-in use only while others make wild claims about coating the inside of the engine with Teflon type additives, but no real proof has been established to back up these claims. Rislone Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment uses proven ZDDP supplement technology along with our 90 plus years of oil additive knowledge to protect the moving parts of your engine to be used after break-in. Not to mention we have a great how-to video to help guide you through the step-by-step installation process.

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