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Zinc Engine Treatment

Zinc Engine Treatment

Have an older car in desperate need of an engine treatment? Modern conventional motor oils lack the metal protection older cars need, which is why we created the Rislone 3X Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement with zinc engine treatment. This product is a petroleum oil performance supplement “booster” containing zinc and phosphorus additives to help protect internal engine components. This is the only product out there with ZDDP, the best form of zinc and phosphorus protection in the automotive world.

Why is our zinc engine treatment better than others on the market? Some additives are designed for break-in use only, and other make wild claims about coating the inside of the engine with Teflon type additives, but no real proof has been established to back up these claims. The Rislone Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment uses proven ZDDP technology along with our 90 plus years of oil additive knowledge and expertise to protect the moving parts of your engine to be used after break-in.

Our zinc engine treatment works to stabilize the motor oil to insure against viscosity and thermal breakdown. Its clinging properties hold the oil to metal parts preventing wear and dry starts. Not to mention, our product works with all petroleum-based motor oils including conventional, high mileage and synthetic formulas. Give it a try and give your older car a chance for a longer life!

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