Older Engines and Zinc (ZDDP): What You Need to Know

It’s no secret that older engines aren’t like today’s modern computer-controlled powerplants. In particular, high-performance older engines (like those in classic cars and hot rods) have lubrication demands that are not met by modern oils.

That demand, in a word, is zinc dialkyldithiophosphate, otherwise known as ZDDP. We’ll come back to that in a second.

But first, why are modern oils lacking ZDDP protection?

It’s a simple story of market evolution: over the years, motor oils have been updated to meet the needs to changing engine designs. While that’s great for newer motors, it leaves older engines out in the cold. These updated oils have greatly reduced ZDDP levels, so they simply do not offer the protection needed for older engines.

So then. What is ZDDP anyway, and why should you care?

ZDDP is a combination of zinc and phosphorus. When put under pressure, like between a flat tappet camshaft and a lifter, ZDDP attaches to a metal surface and becomes a sacrificial wear material. It’s also a very strong corrosion inhibitor.

Older engines need this protection, especially at start-up. (That’s why the old saying, “The worst thing you can do is start your car” has a great deal of truth to it.)

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It’s easy to cut corners on zinc product, but we didn’t – we are a company full of motorheads, so we get that taking care of a classic high-performance engine is both art and science. Our mission was to create the best ZDDP oil supplement in the world, and we think we succeeded.

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