Your Summer Car Maintenance Schedule

Your Summer Car Maintenance Schedule

It’s always important to follow the maintenance schedule outlined by your vehicle’s manufacturer – you can typically find that in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer knows what it takes to keep your vehicle running smoothly. Before the hot summer months hit, there are a few additional maintenance items you should consider looking at. A little bit of planning can help you avoid surprises with your car as you head out on vacation and enjoy the warm weather of summer. Trust us, we get a lot of calls from customers about how to handle the summer heat – from both maintenance and performance aspects.

Some Performance Tips for Summer

4102Getting the best performance out of your vehicle is easy in the summer if you take care of the items in this checklist:

  • Check your cooling system and top up the coolant level if it’s low.
  • Have your air conditioning system checked and repaired if necessary.
  • Verify the air pressure in your tires and confirm that your tread is adequate.
  • Change your wipers if they are getting worn (to keep bug dirt off your windshield).
  • Check your brake pads and rotors for uneven wear or warping.
  • Repair any fluid leaks (coolant, oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid).
  • Change your engine and cabin air filters (to provide clean air for your engine and passengers).


Some of these points may be covered in your regular service schedule, so always follow the recommendations for date and mileage. If your vehicle is older and you no longer have the schedule, we suggest running through this checklist in the spring before the hot weather hits.

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You can also contact us for more information and to get help choosing the right products for reliable, high-performance summer driving. We’re a bunch of gearheads over here, so always happy to talk to our customers.