When Should You Use a Fuel Injector Cleaner?

You probably know that your fuel injection system is of the utmost importance when it comes to the proper functioning of your car, especially if you own a high-performance model. What you may or may not know is how important it is to keep your fuel injectors and fuel system clean. Here are some tips on understanding why you need a fuel system treatment and when you should use one.

Why Do You Need a Fuel Injector Cleaner or Fuel System Treatment?

Your fuel injection system is how gasoline is delivered to your engine. It’s critical. Fuel injectors were instituted to replace carburetor systems because fuel injectors are able to precisely deliver the right amount of gasoline to each cylinder when needed, resulting in greater fuel economy, better performance, fewer environmentally unfriendly emissions and less waste.

Unfortunately, many gasoline products, in particular those containing ethanol, can produce byproducts which can lead to buildup that may clog your fuel injectors or other fuel system components. When the fuel injectors are clogged, they cannot work as effectively, and require a fuel injector cleaner to restore your fuel system to maximum efficiency.

When Should You Use a Fuel Injector Cleaner?

For the first dose, simply install when you have a full tank of gas. It’s that simple.

From there, many experts will probably tell you that you should add a fuel injector cleaner to your gasoline every time you fill your tank up. To our engineers, that’s too much. That’s why we developed our Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment and Rislone Complete Diesel Fuel System Treatment to be added once every 5,000 miles, maybe a bit earlier if you are noticing symptoms from harsh conditions, like severe weather or poor seasonal gas.

Which Fuel Injector Cleaner Should You Use?

If you want your fuel system to be as clean as possible, you want to add a complete fuel treatment product. There are many fuel additives on the market, but for complete fuel treatment, the recommended product is Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment. This, along with its diesel counterpart Rislone Complete Diesel Fuel System Treatment, have been recognized with an Innovation Award by PTEN Magazine (Professional Tool & Equipment News).

This product not only helps clean your fuel injectors and keep them clean, but it also helps clean the entire system, including your valves and combustion chamber, to give your car the best chance at running at maximum efficiency. Find a Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment seller now using this locator.

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