Affordable Ways to Increase Engine Horsepower

Let’s be real: we’re all looking for extra power. Getting the most out of your engine and vehicle gives you better performance and can make driving more enjoyable. Here at Rislone, our customers want the best in performance, reliability and fuel economy. While significant horsepower gains come from power adders like superchargers and turbochargers, there are ways to get the most out of your engine without breaking the bank. Consider these five ways to get more power out of your engine:

  • Cold-air intake (CAI): A cold-air intake kit reduces the temperature of the incoming air and provides more intake airflow, which provides more oxygen for combustion. Your car’s ECU (computer) will add more fuel to match the increase in oxygen, resulting in a noticeable performance boost. NOTE: if you go with an aggressive CAI for your car, a new tune (ECU remapping) might be necessary. Make sure you know the details of the CAI you choose for your car and what is required for installation.
  • Aftermarket exhaust headers: Once your fuel and air mixture has been burnt off, you want it to escape from your engine without creating too much back pressure (and losses). Aftermarket exhaust headers are designed to increase flow and free up more engine power. If you don’t go with headers, you can get more modest gains (and improved exhaust note!) from cat-back or axle-back aftermarket exhaust systems.
  • High-flow catalytic converter: Your catalytic converter is an important component in your exhaust system that helps reduce exhaust pollution. Problem is, it can be restrictive in terms of exhaust flow. A higher-flow catalytic converter still cleans your exhaust, but offers less restriction than stock converters for greater engine responsiveness.
  • Tire performance: Something as simple as properly inflating your tires and aligning them properly can help improve your performance, especially when dealing with curves and spirited driving. Low-rolling-resistance racing tires take it a step further and help your vehicle roll more smoothly and with less friction for added performance.
  • High-performance engine oil: Originally designed for race cars, high-performance engine oil is formulated for better lubrication, reduced friction and better temperature tolerance. The result is a freer-revving engine that develops more power than an engine running on regular oil.

It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of effort or money to unlock all of the performance potential of your vehicle. You can also consider one of our Rislone engine treatments or additives, in particular our Rislone Nano Prime Synthetic Engine + Oil Additive. This is the same additive we developed for our Rislone RS700 Mustang GT, which produced over 700 HP at the flywheel and over 500 lb/ft of torque. It’s the most advanced additive we’ve ever made, period.

Check out our entire catalog of engine and oil treatments and then locate a nearby retailer using our online store locator. You can also contact our team and tell us about your engine performance goals. We can tell you more about how to increase horsepower and get even more out of your engine for an affordable price.