Real Talk: What Do Oil Additives Do for Your Engine?

Intelligently formulated oil additives are a great way to improve the performance of your base engine oil in terms of longevity, wear resistance, sealing and performance. All engine oils contain certain percentages of basic additives to begin with depending on their quality and formulation. If your engine requires additional attention to address specific oil-related issues — such as high-performance engines, heavy-duty applications, smoking or corrosion — one of our industry-proven oil additives can help.

We’ve listed some of the common uses for additives:

  • For corrosion resistance: The temperatures and wear in your engine can cause corrosion of the various parts. The right additives can help reduce the effects of corrosion and help avoid leaks and other corrosion-related damage. We have oil additives that are safe for old and new engines alike.
  • For wear resistance: The main function of oil is to reduce wear due to friction. Your oil creates a barrier between moving metallic components. The right additives can enhance wear protection even at high operating speeds. Zinc is a common additive that is especially important for older engines.
  • For heat protection: Oils have a tendency to break down at high temperatures, at which point they no longer provide adequate lubrication. Our additives can help protect your engine when it’s running at high RPMs, which is when it reaches maximum temperatures. Heat is the enemy of your engine, and our race-proven additives can help you get the most out of your car by significantly reducing friction with engine internals.
  • For cleaning and degumming: Additives with detergents can help clean your engine as it runs, removing and eliminating buildup that can reduce efficiency and increase wear. Certain additives contain detergents that keep your engine clean even as it gets older. Rislone is legendary for its cleaning ability: More than one mechanic has told us when they tear down an engine that has used Rislone all its life, the internals look brand new.

Come and discover all of our popular engine additive products and choose the ones that suit the needs of your engine. Consider Engine Treatment (p/n 100QR) / Engine Treatment Concentrate (p/n 4102) if you run conventional oil. We also have a zinc-rich 3x Concentrated Engine Oil Supplement With Zinc Treatment (p/n 4405) additive for older vehicles that require the extra coating and wear resistance that zinc provides (like classic cars and older hot rods).

Our team can help you choose the right oil additive and ensure your engine is performing to its maximum potential while offering the protection and cleaning properties you want to keep it running for a long time. Rislone was founded in 1921 on the premise of enhanced lubrication and getting the most out of engines, and we’ve evolved along with engine technology to offer a broad selection of the most advanced oil additives (and engine treatments) available today.

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