What Problems Do Engine Cleaners Solve?

If you’ve been looking through the auto additives aisle and wondering which products are the best for your car, you may have encountered products that advertise themselves as an engine cleaner. Do you actually need an engine cleaner? What problems do engine cleaners solve? Here’s what you need to know about engine cleaner products. We know, because we’ve been in the engine treatment business for over 90 years. Here’s what we’ve learned.

A Clean Engine Is a Protected Engine

The oil in your engine is designed to make sure it runs smoothly. However, there are dangers present in everyday driving (especially in dirty and harsh conditions) that could damage your engine, like dirt particles and debris that could scratch your engine’s internal component surfaces, or harmful acids that could cause corrosion damage. While your oil should naturally contain a certain level of additives that protect against these problems, a good engine treatment + cleaner that’s specially engineered to special lubrication standards helps prevent and protect against more serious and costly damage.

Sludge and Buildup Are the Enemy of an Efficient and Powerful Engine

15The last thing you want in your engine is sludge and other buildup – this is why you will find oil catch cans on some high-performance cars. Sludge and byproduct buildup are a sure way to increase friction and interfere with the proper functioning of your engine, especially high-performance engines that feature high compression or power adders like turbochargers or superchargers. Any engine cleaner (engine treatment) you add to your car must attack sludge or it will have little effect.

A Complete Engine Treatment Can Yield the Best Results

Rather than just looking for an engine cleaner, you should look for a complete engine treatment, like Rislone Engine Treatment and Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate. The action of Rislone Engine Treatment not only keeps your engine clean, but also removes and prevents sludge, quiets noisy lifters and valves and massively reduces friction and wear. Rather than adding multiple products to clean and protect your car’s engine, adding one of our industry-proven products may be your best approach.

If you’re not sure where to find the right engine treatment and other useful additives like fuel system treatments and ZDDP supplements, you can find a Rislone dealer nearest you right now by using this simple and convenient Rislone locator.

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