How to Do a Fuel Injector Test

The fuel injectors on your car are components that use an electrical signal to deliver a precise amount of fuel into your engine. As they get older or dirty, they can start to malfunction. While a mechanic can perform a test to determine if your fuel injectors are working properly, this can be a costly service.

Thankfully, there is another way.

Performing Simple Fuel Injector Tests

Here at Rislone, we have the products you need to clean dirty injectors and get your vehicle’s performance, fuel economy and drivability back to where it should be. In most cases, it just takes a single application of our fuel system products for gas or diesel engines. To be sure your problem comes from your fuel injectors, there are a few simple checks you can do:

1. Listen to the Fuel Injectors

With your vehicle running, identify the location of your fuel injectors. There is one per cylinder, typically a black plastic housing installed directly above the cylinder. Place the tip of a long screwdriver on the top of the fuel and place your ear on the handle. (Yes, this actually works, stop looking at us that way.) You should hear a regular clicking as your injector cycles on and off. Compare all of your injectors and note any differences. If you have a problem with one dirty injector, you will notice a difference in how it sounds.

2. Take a Resistance Reading

With your vehicle off, disconnect the electrical connector for your fuel injector. Use a multimeter to take a resistance reading. Check your vehicle’s service manual or online to learn the correct value (most fuel injectors should read between 10 and 18 ohms).

Reconnect your injector and check the next one. All readings should be within the range suggested by the manufacturer and the same for all of your injectors. If any resistance readings are off, the faulty injector needs to be repaired or replaced.

Fuel Injector Test Help From Rislone

If you suspect your fuel injectors are causing problems because of dirt, gunk or carbon buildup, they won’t get better on their own. On the contrary, the problem will only get worse until your vehicle stops running. Follow our procedure for checking your fuel injectors and then choose the Rislone fuel system product that suits your engine: Gasoline Fuel System Treatment or Diesel Fuel System Treatment. Both are PTEN Innovation Award winners, which are a tribute to the innovation they bring to the fuel additive market.

You can use our online store locator to find a vendor or contact us for more information. We’re always happy to help.