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Octane Booster

Octane Booster

Feeling like your car is lacking power and performance? Want to eek out the very best mileage (MPG) you can? It’s time to give your fuel system a boost with our Rislone Complete Gasoline Fuel System Treatment. This one dual cavity bottle contains the same amount of additives equal to a bottle of regular fuel injector cleaner, upper cylinder lubricant, fuel stabilizer, dry gas, gas treatment and octane booster. It increases your vehicle’s power and performance while simultaneously giving you better gas mileage.

Our octane booster cleans and lubricates the complete fuel system and eliminates noisy injectors, rough starts and hesitation in order to maximize your car’s performance. It also provides an average reduction of Octane Requirement Increase (ORI) by 2 numbers. Not to mention, our Complete Fuel System Treatment happens to be our most popular fuel treatment, and the one that won an innovation award from PTEN (Professional Tool & Equipment News).

If you’re looking for the best octane booster money can buy, look no further. Our team of product engineers blended together the most powerful ingredients to give you a comprehensive formula that gives your car that extra performance boost you’ve been looking for. With over 90 years of experience under our belt, you can trust that our revolutionary performance products will give your car a fighting chance at a long, healthy life.

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